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Harry harem CerebralAssassin
'claw Harry pfeil
'Dark Harry visjith
'Harry & Potter visjith
'Scarhead Logic visjith
'Shadow Lord Forever shadowlordforever
'Shadow Potter shadowlordforever
- [] Not Smut or Porn but gets Explicit EvilDaveCanada
- [] PWP (Smut/Porn with very little plot) EvilDaveCanada
- [] Sick & twisted EvilDaveCanada
- [] Smut/Porn but with an actual plot EvilDaveCanada
100K+ Words hlpur
200K+ Words hlpur
3 Stars acebrain01
300K+ Words hlpur
4 and 5 Stars by Others hlpur
4 Stars acebrain01
4 stars & UP Crusifikz70
4 Stars by Others hlpur
400K+ Words hlpur
5 Stars acebrain01
5 Stars semdan
5 Stars by Others hlpur
50K+ Words hlpur
50K> Words hlpur
75 K+ Words hlpur
a Inquisitive-Minds
A Neat Snapshot - Memorable Ficlets (HP) Nios
A Neat Snapshot - Memorable Ficlets (Naruto) Nios
A Unforgotten Hero - Yondaime-Centric Fics Nios
A Unforgotten Hero - Yondaime-Related Fics Nios
A Wild Tale - Strange & Unusual AUs (HP) Nios
A Wild Tale - Strange & Unusual AUs (Naruto) Nios
Abandoned acebrain01
Abandoned draconisviridis
Abandoned hlpur
Abandoned fanficfan437
Abandoned pfeil
Abandoned Stories blaisedec
Abandoned? Nharanaj
About 200k Words pfeil
About 400k Words pfeil
About 500k Words pfeil
Abused Harry cauthenr
Accidental Pregancy pfeil
Ace's list acebrain01
adopted by Potters + travel Julia-Merlin
Akane Bashing Sopoforic
Alex Rider silberstreif
Alex Rider ILB_S
Alive Potters pfeil
Alive Sirius hlpur
All Sarshi's Favs Sarshi
All Time Favourites stoplightgodess
Alt Eighth Year hlpur
Alt Fifth Year hlpur
Alt First Year hlpur
Alt Fourth Year hlpur
Alt Second Year hlpur
Alt Sixth Year hlpur
Alt Third Year hlpur
Alt. Seventh Year hlpur
Alteran Harry Terrenpotter
Alternate School Nharanaj
Alternate Sorting Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw Harry ImUpToNoGood
Alternative Universe pfeil
Amber Crossover Julia-Merlin
Amelia hlpur
Angelica and Harry angelicatwist
Angelica Crosses Over angelicatwist
Angelica's Heroes angelicatwist
Angest/Tragedy hlpur
Angst pfeil
Animagi hlpur
Animagi pfeil
Archer/T'Pol Sopoforic
Assorted Scribeoflore
Attempted Rape pfeil
AU hlpur
Auror/Military/Operative Harry pfeil
Author: Aerie22 SmacksKiller
Author: BlindJedi Zaxxon
Author: Bobmin Zaxxon
Author: CarolWim Zaxxon
Author: chem prof Zaxxon
Author: Chibi-Fenrir SmacksKiller
Author: Chilord Zaxxon
Author: Chilord SmacksKiller
Author: Chris Hill Zaxxon
Author: claihm solais Zaxxon
Author: Clell65619 Zaxxon
Author: Cyclone SmacksKiller
Author: Deluded Musings fanficfan437
Author: Demon God of Chaos Zaxxon
Author: DisobedienceWriter Zaxxon
Author: DobbyElfLord Zaxxon
Author: DrT Zaxxon
Author: dust101 Zaxxon
Author: Elspeth25 Zaxxon
Author: EroSlackerMicha Zaxxon
Author: FFML Tim Zaxxon
Author: Fosfor SmacksKiller
Author: fullsailnate Zaxxon
Author: HarbringerLady Zaxxon
Author: HarryGinnyTonks Zaxxon
Author: Heather Sinclair Zaxxon
Author: HistorianoftheKais Zaxxon
Author: Innortal Zaxxon
Author: Isebas Zaxxon
Author: Jynjyr Zaxxon
Author: Lady FoxFire fanficfan437
Author: loralee1 Zaxxon
Author: Lord Raa SmacksKiller
Author: Lord_Raa Zaxxon
Author: Melnivone SmacksKiller
Author: Mister Cynical SmacksKiller
Author: Mordecai Zaxxon
Author: Nom9de9Plume Zaxxon
Author: nonjon Zaxxon
Author: old-crow Zaxxon
Author: Oldwolf Zaxxon
Author: padawan lynne Zaxxon
Author: PerfesserN Zaxxon
Author: PuckSilverbreeze Zaxxon
Author: Regulus Zaxxon
Author: Rihaan Zaxxon
Author: robst fanficfan437
Author: Rorschach's Blot Zaxxon
Author: Ruskbyte Zaxxon
Author: Shezza88 SmacksKiller
Author: Tellie571 Zaxxon
Author: The-Caitiff Zaxxon
Author: TheDogSage Zaxxon
Author: udderpd Zaxxon
Authors: Bobmin's Stories kelanan
Authors: Canoncansodoff's Stories kelanan
Authors: Clell65619's stories kelanan
Authors: Ishtar's stories kelanan
Authors: Jbern's Stories kelanan
Authors: Jeconais' Stories kelanan
Authors: Loralee1's stories kelanan
Authors: Pucksilverbreeze kelanan
Authors: Rorschach's Blot Stories kelanan
Authors: Ruskbyte's Stories kelanan
Auto 01 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 02 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 03 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 04 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 05 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 06 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 07 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 08 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 09 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 10 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 11 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 12 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 13 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 14 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 15 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 16 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 17 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 18 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 19 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 26 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 27 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 28 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 29 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 30 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 31 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 32 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 33 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 34 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 35 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 36 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 37 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 38 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 41 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 42 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 43 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 44 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 45 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 46 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 47 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 48 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 49 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 50 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 51 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 52 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 53 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 54 EvilDaveCanada
Auto 55 EvilDaveCanada
Auto: alternate dimension Monki-Neko
Auto: Every One-Shots Zaxxon
Auto: Harry Potter Zaxxon
Auto: Harry Potter One-Shots Zaxxon
Auto: Mentally Impaired Zaxxon
Auto: Naruto Zaxxon
Auto: Non-Harry Potter Zaxxon
Auto: Ranma Zaxxon
Auto: Ranma One-Shots Zaxxon
Auto: Star Trek Zaxxon
Auto: Star Wars Zaxxon
Auto: Stargate Zaxxon
Avatar The Last Airbender AtemuX
Awesome stories snowman
Awesomesauce vorpalbunny
Azkaban (Harry Potter) DBZVegeta
Azkaban Harry pfeil
Babylon5 Zaxxon
Babylon5 Crossover Zaxxon
Babylon5/Star Trek Crossover Zaxxon
Bad Fics Matt Harris
Bad Writing mosquitobait
Bartimeus Trilogy Faves unknown20troper
Battlestar Galactica Zaxxon
Battlestar Galactica Xover Zaxxon
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate SG-1 Zaxxon
Beauxbatons Hermione hlpur
Bee/Sam Transformers koneko
Being Re-Written pfeil
Bella Swan/Carlisle Cullen StormSelena
Bella Swan/Edward Cullen StormSelena
Bella Swan/Emmett "McCarty" Cullen StormSelena
Bella Swan/Ephraim Black StormSelena
Bella Swan/Jasper "Whitlock" Hale StormSelena
Bella Swan/Laurent StormSelena
Bella Swan/Paul StormSelena
Bella Swan/Peter "Whitlock" StormSelena
Bella Swan/Riley Biers StormSelena
Bella Swan/Sam Uley StormSelena
BenPerez Twists of Fate universe NotACat
Best alec_potter
Best fics god
Best HP Fifth Year Stories jeff
Best naruto stories.(period) uchihantonio
Best of FanFiction There Is Spidey
Best of Harry Potter Zaxxon
Best of multiple fandoms Starlight
Best Of Naruto Christie Elise
Best of Naruto Zaxxon
Best of Ranma Zaxxon
Best of Ranma Stratagemini
Best of Transformers NeverMineToHold
Blue Seed animealam
BtVS Story recs fanficfan437
Buffy Julia-Merlin
Buffy Crossovers tzmisce
Buffy/Dawn Sopoforic
Buffy/Giles Sopoforic
Buffy/Spike Sopoforic
Buffy: Halloween Story Zaxxon
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer XOver Zaxxon
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Charmed Zaxxon
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who Zaxxon
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Halo Zaxxon
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Hellsing Zaxxon
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Highlander Zaxxon
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Justice League Zaxxon
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Marvel Universe Zaxxon
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/NCIS Zaxxon
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Ranma 0.5 Zaxxon
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Star Trek Zaxxon
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Star Wars Zaxxon
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Stargate SG-1 Zaxxon
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Warhammer /Warhammer 40K Zaxxon
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Wheel of Time Zaxxon
Buffy: Time Travel Zaxxon
Buffy: Xander Goes to Hell and Back Zaxxon
Buffy: Xander is Mutant Zaxxon
Buffy: Xander+Buffy Zaxxon
Buffy: Xander+Faith Zaxxon
Buffy: Xander+Lara Croft Zaxxon
Buffy: Xander+Original Character Zaxxon
Canon mosquitobait
Canon Ambivalent pfeil
Canon Reimagined pfeil
Carlisle/Bella EagleBlaze954
Catgirl Hermione pfeil
Changed Hosting pfeil
Changing Ships pfeil
Chaos Eternus moonbunny
Character Death pfeil
Characters life is a video game trinkle28655
Characters read the book trinkle28655
Child Harry Stories ImUpToNoGood
Children pfeil
Christie's List Of HP Fanfiction Christie Elise
Clich Goblins pfeil
Clich-Ridden pfeil
Code Geass WindRider
Collection pfeil
Collection of Oneshots Zaxxon
Competent Ministry pfeil
Competent Ron pfeil
Competent Voldemort pfeil
Complete acebrain01
Complete Ravana
Complete pfeil
Complete and Well Written (Harry Potter) doubleindemnity
Complete Harry Potter Stories Belcris
Complete Wrong Boy Who Lived Stories CauldronCalamity
Completed hlpur
Completed Nharanaj
Completed Zaxxon
Completed Harry Potter Stories kelanan
Completed HP fanficfan437
Completed HP Fics deezeno
Completed HP Stories ImUpToNoGood
Completed Naruto Stories Belcris
Completed Stories areasi
Completed stories blaisedec
Cool stories in Fanfiction reader971112
Crack pfeil
Crack!HP Dalwyn
Creature Harry pfeil
Creature-Fic (Harry Potter) DBZVegeta
creme de la creme Neelie
Crossover pfeil
Crossover lampeczka
Crossover central Breach42
Crossovers Seregon
Currently Reading draconisviridis
Dagger's Fanfics unknown20troper
Dan and Emma hlpur
Dangerverse NotACat
Dark Zaxxon
Dark pfeil
Dark Dumbles hlpur
Dark Harry Sopoforic
Dark Harry pfeil
Dark Harry/Hermione hlpur
Dark Hermione pfeil
Dark Ron hlpur
darkwing's list darkwing
Delusional Ginny hlpur
Delusional Ron hlpur
delusional!Ginny pfeil
Depressing pfeil
Depressing Stories Aleksai
Deramo29's favs deramo29
Dexter aussiemel
Different Harry Linx17
Dimensional Travel ImUpToNoGood
Dimensional Travel pfeil
Disgusting Explicit Descriptions pfeil
Dolores Umbridge Matt Harris
Draco/Hermione Sunni
Dragons and Vikings Nementh
Drama pfeil
Dresden Files (Matt Harris) Matt Harris
Dropped Zaxxon
During CoS pfeil
During COS hlpur
During DH hlpur
During DH pfeil
During GOF hlpur
During GoF pfeil
During HBP pfeil
During HBP hlpur
During OotP hlpur
During OotP pfeil
During POA hlpur
During SS/PS hlpur
D_Dark Dalwyn
Emotionally Powerful pfeil
Epic (Fan)Fiction visjith
Epic Fics from Overlooked Series Stratagemini
ERS hlpur
Evil Dumbledore pfeil
Evil Ginny pfeil
Ex-M(i)oRon(ic) pfeil
Excellent HoBo_Adin
Explicit pfeil
Fake Friend(s) pfeil
Fangirl Ginny hlpur
Fav oneshots Dalwyn
Fav Scarhead Fics meghanreviews
Favs Dalwyn
FAvs zebo34
Female Q Sopoforic
FemSlash pfeil
Femslash - Bellice Siahara
Femslash - BLHG Siahara
Femslash - FDHG Siahara
Femslash - Rosebella Siahara
FFA hlpur
Fics only on my list pfeil
Fiction Alley/Schnoogle hlpur
FicWad hlpur
Final Fantasy tamaralm30
Finished draconisviridis
Fire's Fics tzmisce
Fixed Canon pfeil
Flamels pfeil
Flee From Hogwarts/Britain hlpur
Fluff pfeil
FMA tamaralm30
Founder(s) Heir hlpur
Friendship pfeil
Funny Fics mustangfive
Funny Stories ImUpToNoGood
Gamer(, The) Crossover Zaxxon
Gary Stu Aleksai
Gelphie Fics deezeno
General Siahara
General Recommendations archsage328
Girl who Lived pfeil
git!Ron pfeil
Goblin Friends athenewolfe
Gods pfeil
Good Dumbledore pfeil
Good Fics dnld12
Good HP 7th Year Canon Horcrux Search Stories jeff
Good HP Oneshots wes_lane
Good Petunia nomad
Good Post Hogwarts Harry Potter Stories jeff
Good Ranma Xovers tmemstr
Good Ranma Xovers Spidey
Good Read Harry/Draco xaverablackpearl
good reads dan8
Good Sixth Year Harry Potter Stories jeff
Good Voldemort pfeil
Good writing mosquitobait
good!Snape pfeil
Graphic Violence pfeil
Great Fictions visjith
great harry potter fics amit_ec
Grey Maiden NotACat
H/D Sabkay
H/Hr I don't have yet pfeil
H/Hr, R/L, and N/G pfeil
Hallows pfeil
harry furybolt
Harry & Astoria gray_mage904
Harry & Bellatrix EvilDaveCanada
Harry & Bellatrix gray_mage904
Harry & Daphne gray_mage904
Harry & Daphne G. EvilDaveCanada
Harry & fem!Blaise gray_mage904
Harry & Fleur gray_mage904
Harry & Gabrielle gray_mage904
Harry & Ginny gray_mage904
Harry & Ginny EvilDaveCanada
Harry & Hannah gray_mage904
Harry & Hannah A. EvilDaveCanada
Harry & Hermione EvilDaveCanada
Harry & Hermione gray_mage904
Harry & Hermione & Ron EvilDaveCanada
Harry & his harem EvilDaveCanada
Harry & His Wives EvilDaveCanada
Harry & Katie gray_mage904
Harry & Lisa gray_mage904
Harry & LOTS of Ladies EvilDaveCanada
Harry & Luna gray_mage904
Harry & Luna EvilDaveCanada
Harry & Multi gray_mage904
Harry & Narcissa gray_mage904
Harry & OC EvilDaveCanada
Harry & OC gray_mage904
Harry & Padma gray_mage904
Harry & Pansy gray_mage904
Harry & Parvati gray_mage904
Harry & Susan gray_mage904
Harry & Susan B. EvilDaveCanada
Harry & The Unspeakables EvilDaveCanada
Harry & Tonks EvilDaveCanada
Harry & Tonks gray_mage904
Harry & Tracey gray_mage904
Harry + 1 nomad
Harry / Daphne Belcris
Harry / Fleur Belcris
Harry / Gabi Belcris
Harry / Ginny Belcris
Harry / Harem or Multi Belcris
Harry / Hermione Belcris
Harry / Luna Belcris
Harry / No Pairing Belcris
Harry / OC Belcris
Harry / Other Belcris
Harry / Susan Belcris
Harry / Tonks Belcris
Harry and Angelina kelanan
Harry and Bellatrix kelanan
Harry and Cho kelanan
Harry and Daphne kelanan
Harry and Female Blaise kelanan
Harry and Fleur kelanan
Harry and Gabrielle kelanan
Harry and Ginny kelanan
Harry and Harem kelanan
Harry and Hedwig kelanan
Harry and Hermione kelanan
Harry and His Girl(s) Linx17
Harry and Katie kelanan
Harry and Lavender kelanan
Harry and Luna kelanan
Harry and Magical Bonds kelanan
Harry and Multiple Partners kelanan
Harry and Narcissa kelanan
Harry and Nymphadora kelanan
Harry and Other Female Characters kelanan
Harry and Padma kelanan
Harry and Pansy kelanan
Harry and Parvati kelanan
Harry and Royalty kelanan
Harry and Severus alamerysl
Harry and Su Li kelanan
Harry and Susan Bones kelanan
Harry and Tracey kelanan
Harry as a Dad ImUpToNoGood
Harry as Auror/Unspeakable/Military kelanan
Harry as Elf kelanan
Harry as Vampire kelanan
Harry Complete Dorothywwom
Harry Escapes #4 pfeil
Harry in Disguise ImUpToNoGood
Harry in Hufflepuff kelanan
Harry in Hufflepuff athenewolfe
Harry in Ravenclaw athenewolfe
Harry in Ravenclaw kelanan
Harry is a girl Kaary16
Harry is adopted mariahp3
Harry is the Girl Who Lived (Female Harry) kelanan
Harry Leaves England pfeil
Harry Potter tzmisce
harry potter ijzertje
Harry Potter DavidJPotter
Harry Potter animealam
harry potter moonbunny
Harry Potter tamaralm30
Harry potter funloving123
Harry potter mccargos
Harry Potter KiraWolf17
Harry Potter EvanThomas
Harry Potter (AU) EvilDaveCanada
Harry Potter (Time Travel) DBZVegeta
Harry Potter - Awesome Plot Evangeline_Evans
Harry Potter - Creature Fic Sakya
Harry Potter - Who Says No To Helping The Wizarding World DBZVegeta
Harry Potter / Daphne Greengrass ExpertPlasma
Harry Potter Alternative Universes kelanan
Harry Potter and Muggle Technology kelanan
Harry Potter AU (Animagi Training) EvilDaveCanada
Harry Potter AU (Canon Retold/Explained Differently) EvilDaveCanada
Harry Potter AU (Emancipated & Independent Harry) EvilDaveCanada
Harry Potter AU (Left Hogwarts/Britain) EvilDaveCanada
Harry Potter AU (Left the Dursleys to be raised elsewhere) EvilDaveCanada
Harry Potter AU (Left the Dursleys/Independent Harry) EvilDaveCanada
Harry Potter AU (Manipulative Dumbledore & Weasleys) EvilDaveCanada
Harry Potter AU (Manipulative Dumbledore) EvilDaveCanada
Harry Potter AU (Marriage Contracts) EvilDaveCanada
Harry Potter AU (Muggle Tech) EvilDaveCanada
Harry Potter AU (Never went to the Dursleys) EvilDaveCanada
Harry Potter AU (Not at Hogwarts) EvilDaveCanada
Harry Potter AU (Not in Gryffindor) EvilDaveCanada
Harry Potter AU (Royal Family) EvilDaveCanada
Harry Potter AU (Sent to Azkaban) EvilDaveCanada
Harry Potter AU (Soul Mate/Bond) EvilDaveCanada
Harry Potter AU (The Dursleys run away/Independent Harry) EvilDaveCanada
Harry Potter Buffy Crossovers kelanan
Harry Potter Chronicles of Narnia Crossover kelanan
Harry Potter Dimensional Travel kelanan
Harry Potter Fanfiction Collection alldrin
Harry Potter Green Latern Crossover kelanan
Harry Potter Has Living Relative kelanan
Harry Potter in Slytherin kelanan
Harry Potter Ironman Crossover kelanan
Harry Potter Lemon Fic Zaxxon
Harry Potter Marvel Crossovers kelanan
Harry Potter NCIS Crossovers kelanan
Harry Potter One Shots kelanan
Harry Potter Ranma 1/2 Crossovers kelanan
Harry Potter Star Trek Crossovers kelanan
Harry Potter Star Wars Crossovers kelanan
Harry Potter Stories hlpur
Harry Potter Time Travel kelanan
Harry Potter Timetravel Fics Immortal Aussie
Harry Potter X-Men Crossovers kelanan
Harry Potter Xovers Zaxxon
Harry Potter/Addams Family Zaxxon
Harry Potter/Belgariad Zaxxon
Harry Potter/Buffy, the Vampire Slayer Xover Zaxxon
Harry Potter/Charmed Zaxxon
Harry Potter/DC Universe Zaxxon
Harry Potter/Discworld Zaxxon
Harry Potter/Doctor Who Zaxxon
Harry Potter/Forever Knight Zaxxon
Harry Potter/Game of Thrones Zaxxon
Harry Potter/Hellsing Zaxxon
Harry Potter/Highlander Zaxxon
Harry Potter/Iron Man e_halliwell
Harry Potter/Lord of the Ring Zaxxon
Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings Crossovers DBZVegeta
Harry Potter/Marvel Zaxxon
Harry Potter/Matrix, The Zaxxon
Harry Potter/Ranma Zaxxon
Harry Potter/Severus Snape Slash Completed deireadh
Harry Potter/Star Trek Zaxxon
Harry Potter/Star Wars Zaxxon
Harry Potter/Stargate Zaxxon
Harry Potter/Stargate neqs
Harry Potter/The Endless Zaxxon
Harry Potter/Wheel of Time Zaxxon
Harry Potter: The Best of the Best jeff
Harry Raised by Non-Dursleys kelanan
Harry raised by others athenewolfe
Harry Sent To Azkaban kelanan
Harry the Arse hlpur
Harry w/Hermione Corvette_
Harry's Brother is BWL kelanan
Harry+Alicia Zaxxon
Harry+Angelina Zaxxon
Harry+Bellatrix Zaxxon
Harry+Cho Zaxxon
Harry+Daphne Zaxxon
Harry+fem!Blaise Zaxxon
Harry+fem!Harry Zaxxon
Harry+Fleur Zaxxon
Harry+Gabrielle Zaxxon
Harry+Ginny Zaxxon
Harry+Hannah Zaxxon
Harry+Hedwig Zaxxon
Harry+Hermione Zaxxon
Harry+Katie Zaxxon
Harry+Lavender Zaxxon
Harry+Lily Zaxxon
Harry+Lisa Zaxxon
Harry+Luna Zaxxon
Harry+Minerva Zaxxon
Harry+Myrtle Zaxxon
Harry+Narcissa Zaxxon
Harry+Nymphadora Zaxxon
Harry+Original or Non-Series Character(s) Zaxxon
Harry+Padma Zaxxon
Harry+Pansy Zaxxon
Harry+Parvati Zaxxon
Harry+Patil Twins Zaxxon
Harry+Rowena Zaxxon
Harry+Su Zaxxon
Harry+Susan Zaxxon
Harry+Tracey Zaxxon
Harry/ Tonks mega list Sammyboy94
Harry/Albus kadayao
Harry/Bellatrix pfeil
Harry/Daphne pfeil
Harry/Daphne Corvette_
Harry/Daphne Completed Fics athenewolfe
Harry/fem!Blaise pfeil
Harry/fem!Harry pfeil
Harry/Fleur Sopoforic
Harry/Fleur SmacksKiller
Harry/Fleur pfeil
Harry/Fleur Completed Fics athenewolfe
Harry/Gabrielle Sopoforic
Harry/Gabrielle pfeil
Harry/Gabrielle Completed Fics athenewolfe
Harry/Ginny pfeil
Harry/Hannah pfeil
Harry/Hannah Completed Fics athenewolfe
Harry/Harem Sunni
Harry/Harem pfeil
Harry/Hedwig pfeil
Harry/Hermione pfeil
Harry/Hermione Matt Harris
Harry/Hermione Sopoforic
Harry/Hermione EagleBlaze954
Harry/Hermione Sunni
Harry/Hermione/Luna Sunni
Harry/Hermione/Luna Completed Fics athenewolfe
Harry/Lavender pfeil
Harry/Lily pfeil
Harry/Lily Spidey
Harry/Luna pfeil
Harry/Luna Completed Fics athenewolfe
Harry/Many Corvette_
Harry/Multi pfeil
Harry/Multi (or) Harry/Many Spidey
Harry/Multiple Completed Fics athenewolfe
Harry/Narcissa pfeil
Harry/OC(s) pfeil
Harry/Other(s) pfeil
Harry/Padma pfeil
Harry/Pansy pfeil
Harry/Pansy Completed Fics athenewolfe
Harry/Parvati pfeil
Harry/Severus EagleBlaze954
Harry/Smallville Xover Spidey
Harry/Snape alamerysl
Harry/Susan pfeil
Harry/Susan Completed Fics athenewolfe
Harry/Tonks Matt Harris
Harry/Tonks SmacksKiller
Harry/Tonks pfeil
Harry/Tonks Completed Fics athenewolfe
Harry/Tracey pfeil
HarryxDaphne crazy_vamp
Has Sequel pfeil
HDV Harry and Dimensional Travel dev_vikram
HDV Harry and Time Travel dev_vikram
HDV Harry Soul Bond with Hermione dev_vikram
HDV Harry/Fleur dev_vikram
HDV Harry/Hermione dev_vikram
HDV Harry/Hermione/Luna dev_vikram
HDV Harry/Many dev_vikram
HDV Super and Powerful Harry dev_vikram
HDV Harry Daphne dev_vikram
HDV Harry with Crossover dev_vikram
HDV Harry/Luna dev_vikram
HDV Harry/OC dev_vikram
HDV Harry/Susan dev_vikram
HDV Harry/Tonks dev_vikram
Head Students pfeil
Hermione Abuse pfeil
Hermione Granger in Twilight StormSelena
Hermione Granger/Bill Weasley StormSelena
Hermione Granger/Charlie Weasley StormSelena
Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy StormSelena
Hermione Granger/Harry Potter StormSelena
Hermione Granger/Remus Lupin StormSelena
Hermione Granger/Severus Snape StormSelena
Hermione Granger/Sirius Black StormSelena
hermione/fred adrianna cousette
Hermione/Lucius EagleBlaze954
Hermione/Luna Sunni
Hermione/Severus EagleBlaze954
HermioneDraco ImUpToNoGood
HermioneSeverus ImUpToNoGood
Het - Black Swan Siahara
Het - DHr Siahara
Het - HG Weasley Siahara
Het - HHr Siahara
Het - HP Crossover Siahara
Het - HPDG Siahara
Het - HPFD Siahara
Het - HPLL Siahara
Het - HPOC Siahara
Het - Jaspella Siahara
Het - NaruHina Siahara
Het - NaruSaku Siahara
Het - RLHG Siahara
Het - SBHG Siahara
Het - SSHG Siahara
Het - SSLE Siahara
Het - TRHG / LVHG Siahara
Hilarious Fics from Assorted Series Stratagemini
Hilarity Aleksai
Hogwarts hlpur
Hogwarts High NotACat
Hokuto No Ken Crossover Zaxxon
Holiday hlpur
honestly harry getting to hogwarts fanfics the volturi rule
Horcruxes pfeil
House of Night fanfictions crazy_vamp
HP - kid Julia-Merlin
HP - No Ships fanficfan437
HP and Stargate SmacksKiller
HP Comedy vorpalbunny
HP Completed animealam
HP Fav's djpeal
HP Favorites Mikey
HP Fics on ficwad fanficfan437
HP Gen animealam
HP is adopted by Malfoys cauthenr
HP is Voldy's Son cauthenr
HP SS Father - HP Son animealam
HP SS Mentor/Guardian animealam
HP Story Recs fanficfan437
HP takes care of SS animealam
HP Time & AU Travel animealam
HP Time travel AnnF
HP X-Overs fanficfan437
HP/Belgariad fanficfan437
HP/GW Crossovers Fate
HP/Hellsing DBZVegeta
HP/HG e_halliwell
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Naruto AU (How Sasuke turns Traitor) EvilDaveCanada
Naruto AU (leaves the Village) EvilDaveCanada
Naruto AU (Not on Team 7) EvilDaveCanada
Naruto AU (One or both parents live) EvilDaveCanada
Naruto AU (Raised by one of the Jonin-sensei) EvilDaveCanada
Naruto AU (Raised by Tsunade/Jiraiya) EvilDaveCanada
Naruto AU (Sasuke never turns Traitor) EvilDaveCanada
Naruto AU (Sasuke returns to the village) EvilDaveCanada
Naruto AU (Sasuke was retrieved) EvilDaveCanada
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